Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Post

I'v decided that my pregnancy is the biggest thing to happen in my life so far, so I really need to blog about it! I'm 16 weeks along now, so yes, its taken me a while to decide this but I feel I should be excused...those first three months I wasn't really human! Anyway, heres the story so far...

I stopped the pill in July, we had been discussing it for ages and eventually while driving home from a weekend away we just decided that its stupid to still take precautions. We've been married for two years, we know we want children and we both are more than ready so lets get on it and see where nature takes us. Me being me however, cannot ever leave anything up to nature so I obsessively got onto google to find out when and how and all the other myths on how to fall pregnant quickly! Now that we had decided , I wanted it to happen NOW! I told Sharon my wonderful cousin who is close enough to be my sister and my best friend Jenni. I didn't want anyone else to know because didn't want the pressure, I was putting enough pressure on myself as it was! July went by with a perfectly normal cycle which was good because I knew that taking the pill for 8 years or so didn't screw me up to badly! Then August came and went, then September and October and November. By this stage i was obsessively checking ovulation dates and counting, counting, counting days all the time! I had stopped drinking and doing anything unhealthy and was really going a bit psycho about it all.  So I decided that for Christmas and New Year I was gonna let my hair down and have fun and get the ball rolling again in Jan. So i did! We went out and drank and didn't worry about it at all! Christmas day I was so exhausted and moody and miserable. It had been the first Christmas I hadn't spent with my mom for years and this really played on my mind all day- which was so random because we had a great day with everyone else! I then got home to my dads house and was so exhausted I was asleep by 5 o clock! We were all really tired though so i didn't think ANYTHING OF IT! New Years came around and we were all up for a big party, Shaun bought tequila and we got pink champagne and we all got dolled up and pretty...and I decided I wanted to go home. I didn't want to be there I wanted to be home with my cat. So I begged off, told Sharon I couldn't drink because I was late with my period (which i wasn't- sorry sha!). I hadn't started yet, but knew I had two more days. So i went to bed feeling boring and miserable and wanting to go home. the next morning we packed up and left and as we were pulling out Vanida saw the baby croc airfreshner I have hanging from my rear-view mirror and said "oooh Shaz, when will it be? pink or blue?!" we all laughed it off and went home! That was the 1st, that night I had cramps so took a painkiller and a hot water bottle and went to bed. The next day I was in agony! I had terrible pains in my abdomen, it felt like burning! I took more painkillers and a hot water bottle and went to be (I was now one day late but in so much pain I thought it must be coming). On the 3rd I woke up and decided that I was pregnant. I didn't say thing to Shaun though because I had decided this about 3 times before and was wrong but this time I knew I was right, so as soon as the shops opened I went and bought two tests, flew home and took the first one. Two beautiful pink lines appeared immediately. I just sat there for like 5 minutes not knowing what the hell to do!!! So I started drinking water to take the other one, meanwhile Shaun phones me asking if I want to go to Mozambique in April. I CANT TELL HIM OVER THE PHONE!!! So I say, sure thats a great idea! I'll look up places to stay - all the while going, uh uh nope we gonna be pregnant! So I do the next test and its positive too. I now need real proof so go to Dischem for a blood test, which they don't do. I need to go to the hospital for it! OK I'm not quite brave enough to do that alone so I go home to wait for Shaun, who was coming home for lunch. I swear I sat for those two hours doing nothing but walking up and down the kitchen, periodically yelling "WHAT AM I GONNA DO!" and "HURRY UP SHAUN!!!" and dialing Sharon's number so I could tell SOMEONE and then not placing the call because it had to be Shaun I told first. FINALLY he got home, and I rushed out and he knew something was up and said what?! I'M PREGNANT I said and he was like, your joking. So I showed him the tests and we jumped around in shock for a while before calming down and going to the hospital for a blood test (which I cried all the way through of course) half and hour later they called and said it was positive and we were gonna have a baby. We then called everyone!!!

couldn't believe we were gonna have a baby!!!

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