Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby School

Im just loving antenatal classes. the midwife is very nice, she's funny and seems to really know what shes doing. I think shes a bit over protective, in that she is an absolute purist, wants us to only eat the healthiest food, exercise, breast feed for two years or longer. Unfortunately this isn't possible all the time! I wont be breastfeeding for two years for sure, I think its way to long and is a bit weird. My aim to to do it for 8 months, but if I decide after 3 months to stop that's ok too, I'm not putting any pressure on myself. I'm trying my best to eat healthily, having smoothies or cereal for breakfast, a sarmie for lunch and a good dinner. I've always eaten pretty healthily so it's not too hard, however I refuse to totally cut out all sweets and choc, milo, bacon, sausages and the millions of other things she has told us to avoid. I'm not eating loads but geez, when this baby comes I wont be allowed any of it (for breastfeeding and weight loss) so I'm using my discretion, my baby will tell me what I feel like and don't feel like and she's the boss! This weeks class we went up to the labor ward, delivery room and maternity ward. I'v got to say I was a bit creeped out when I saw the delivery room, its got this high bed that sort of splits and has stirrups fixed on the sides. There is an incubator and a table thing to put the baby on that has a heater and stuff. I've never stayed over night in hospital, and have only been in twice for other things so I'm a bit nervous. The classes make it all easier though because we get to meet the staff and connect with other couples who are in the same boat as us. We spoke about what we need to pack in our bags for the labor ward and maternity ward and now that's all I can think of! I'm obsessing over what bag to take, what to wear, what Lily will wear...ugh driving myself mad.
I'm getting a cold, which really sucks as my already aching body is aching even more now. But at least the weather is nice and its half way through the week! One week closer to my baby shower, seeing my baby again and the big day!

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