Monday, June 6, 2011

Best (and worst) things about pregnancy

1) Being treated by a princess by waiters and waitresses- today I had a waiter move the table to make sure I could fit in, asked me if I was comfy and then double checked with the kitchen that my coffee was decaf. Its the small things that really make a difference.
2) being allowed- and almost expected- to have an afternoon sleep! and having everyone tell me to just take it easy and put my feet up, like I'm made of spun glass. I love it! Wonderful to feel so treasured.
3) having people say I look wonderful pregnant, I know they're just saying it to make me feel better, but I love it that they care enough to say it!
4) car guards who help me with my groceries
5) scans to see our little bean growing and bouncing around my tummy
6) FEELING my little bean bouncing around my tummy!
7) seeing my tummy get bigger- though this is one of the worst things to.
8) buying baby stuff!
9) weekly updates on what our baby is up to via the internet, and then checking our baby books to see what else shes doing.
10) seeing my hubby get so excited when he talks about our little gem.

1) Swollen Feet
2) Aches and pains all over- back pain, pelvic pain, leg cramps uuuugh!
4) worrying constantly about whats safe to eat, do, smell....
5) getting dirty looks from other women- I've noticed this a few times? So weird! Maybe its because I look young? I'm married for goodness sake- and even if I wasn't- who are to to judge me??? What the hell???
6) Being oversensitive and perhaps seeing things as worse than the are. Also getting annoyed much faster than usual, I'm usually a peaceful and calm person. My blood seems to start boiling at the smallest things now.
7) baby brain baby brain baby brain!!!! I lose my thought half way through talking, drive like a maniac and forget peoples names. This baby better be very smart, because shes taken all my brain power.
8) weight gain and not fitting into my favorite clothes and people saying "wow your carrying heavy" or "your getting fat hay" or " how much do you weigh now" um.... excuse me? what makes you think its ok to say/ask this? Its not ok when I'm not pregnant so why would it be ok to say this to the irritable, tearful pregnant person?
9) Peeing...all...the...freaking...time....
10)  people taking photos of me looking like a beached whale.

although the lists are the same length, I really feel the pros outweigh the cons. The fact is, I'm gonna have a gorgeous baby girl at the end of it all- and I cant wait! so I don't mind being a fat, tearful pimply crazy person for 3 or 4 more months, if it means i get to hold me little precious one at the end of it all.

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